Is Waterbirth Safe?

(Excerpt taken from the FULL article linked at the bottom. It’s very good research, and very detailed!)


“What is water birth?

During water immersion in labor, women get into a tub or pool of warm water during the first stage of labor, before the baby is born.J‎ill-200x300

In a waterbirth, the mother remains in the water during the pushing phase and actual birth of the baby. The baby is then brought to the surface of the water after it is born (Nutter et al. 2014). A waterbirth may be followed by the birth of the placenta in or out of the water.

The safety of water immersion during labor has already been firmly established (Cluett et al. 2009). In contrast, there is a lot of controversy in the U.S. about the safety of waterbirth. So in this article, we will primarily focus on the evidence surrounding the safety of water birth.”

Evidence Based Birth Evidence on Waterbirth Safety

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