Why Use A Doula? What the Clients Say…

Don’t take our word for it!! Here’s 3 recent client comments:


What our clients say about us… (We LOVE our clients!) 

“I never knew having a doula would be so FUN! I was surprised at the amount of laughing we did, all the while “gettin’ it done”. Between the laughs, the pressure-point massages, and even the hard parts (transition & labor during my unmedicated birth), I was so glad to have my friend and doula by my side. My husband was impressed, too, and that says a lot! This was my 2nd unmedicated birth, and unlike my 1st one, I never felt like I couldn’t do it – it was never an option in my mind. I attribute that to my support system, and my frame of mind which had been cultivated for the many months preceding the actual “big day”.”

– Christi

“Our doula was absolutely essential to the success of our birth.  Seriously, I don’t know if I’d been able to deliver vaginally without her.”



“I had never met Kate in person but she was on call with Jerrika since Jamie was out of town and I am so blessed to have had Kate and Jerrika come to my “dry run” as we are calling it when I went into “false” labor. It was a very hard and emotional day and they both brought so much love to the room and offered comfort that could have come from the most amazing, loving people ever. Kate was my super hero that day and Jerrika her amazing side kick, Batman and Robin all the way. 

When I went into labor 5 days later Jerrika was on it but I went so fast I hardly made it the hospital. Jerrika was there to offer me support right after birth and I am so thankful she was there to help me since we also had my kids with us and my husband had his hands full. She was by my side and every need I had was met before I even had to ask. Jerrika has a beautiful calm way about her, she just blends into room with you, it is a gentle calm of reassurance and help.

You never feel alone and you feel like the most important person and not just “another” pregnant person, when you have a doula.


THANK YOU for all the words of encouragement for a job we are passionate about!


Celebrate with us!

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