Giveaway # 7! Ever Want to Be a Doula? Enter to WIN: Online OR Classroom Birth Doula Training! Worldwide Giveaway!

Positive Birth Community‘s Giveaway #7, worth $460, comes from: & 

Ever want to become a birth doula? This Giveaway #7 is for: 1 Scholarship to either online or classroom birth doula training!

***To win, tag a friend (or a few). One tag per line, please! You get an EXTRA entry for sharing on your page and commenting here (on our Facebook page) that you shared.***
The winner will be randomly chosen Friday, September 12th, 2014.


Other Important Details:

1. Winners are capable of winning multiple contests.
2. Some items are only applicable to local (North Austin, TX & surrounding cities areas). Shipping or delivery out of area is the responsibility of the winner.
3. Team members of PBC are not eligible to win. However, donators may win prizes from anyone other than themselves!
4. “Winners will be chosen after the selected date and time by a Random Number Generator.

Enjoy the giveaways! We hope you WIN!

Thank you for helping us share our PASSION, our Positive Birth Community!

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One thought on “Giveaway # 7! Ever Want to Be a Doula? Enter to WIN: Online OR Classroom Birth Doula Training! Worldwide Giveaway!

  1. When my daughter, Ryan Taylor, was a small child, she loved women’s pregnant bellies and was fascinated that babies were developing in them. When she was about 8 years old, she was given the opportunity to choose any of over 100 figurines for her Christmas crèche and chose a pregnant villager-she never got any other pieces. 🙂
    And, at about 12 years of age, she asked for books and magazines on birth, for Christmas making me swear not to tell anyone.
    I take the time to write this (which I honestly never do), to tell you that she would be an asset to your program. She and her husband are busy paying off college loans and being teachers for the public school system. But, her greatest dream would be to work with you all. She has put her name in for a scholarship. I hope she gets it, or something like it for her sake, for your sake, and for the mommy’s sakes.
    Thank you for taking time to read this.
    Suzanne Taylor

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