Making Pregnancy More Comfortable

“Senior Pranakriya and Kripalu yoga instructor Jacci Reynolds shares a few simple postures for expecting mothers to practice during pregnancy and use during labor. These easy but effective postures help mama to ease pain and release muscle tension during this time of transformation.

Pregnancy brings immense joy to an expecting mom and her partner.  However, as wonderful as it all is, many women experience a number of aches and pains in addition to the wonder and amazement.  A few simple yoga poses and reminders done daily can help alleviate many of these common aches and pains.”


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From Positive Birth Community:

Next monday night, Sept 15th 6-8:30pm is our class on ‘Comfort Measures in Labor’.  We will be teaching 12 positions to help you get more comfortable and allow baby to descend into the pelvis more readily. I highly recommend this class no matter what kind of birth you are aiming for. We have a few spots available! Contact us ASAP if you would like to attend.


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