Woman Servant in the Waiting Room

This just happened after fasting for over 12 hours (for a routine blood draw), and then Starbucks immediately after. So, in short: Fasting + caffeine= This thought pattern of gratefulness 🙂 Read on…

I’m always blessed to meet Mommas & hear parts of their journeys, even in the most peculiar places, today being the Quest lab waiting room.

When you find your passion, I believe the universe brings together other souls with like-minded visions to sprinkle encouragement when you need it.

After hearing our chat, an older gentleman had to share his story as well, including, “We did Lamaze back then, and wow, did it make a difference for me & my wife! Do you all still do that? I’m so glad you are supporting women in childbirth. God bless you & your endeavors.”


I’ll take it–the blessings, the stories, the questions, hearing the desires of an expectant mother, & the desire of women to further their calling by helping other women in this vital journey of motherhood & womanhood.

I am a doula, a “woman servant”.

If home is where your heart is, I am home. ~Kate LeClair

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