Upcoming Classes: “Comfort Measures in Pregnancy & Labor”, “Writing Your Birth Plan” @BabyEarth

Comfort Measures in Pregnancy & Labor (click this title to see where to sign up!)

• Watch & practice 12 positions to help you get more comfortable during pregnancy and labor, and allow baby to descend into the pelvis more readily.
• Come learn some of our doula’s best skills to help a mother during pregnancy and in labor.
• Our wish is to empower the mothers, and their partners with techniques that can enrich the birth experience, and make it more productive.

This class is held twice a month;
– Every 1st Monday, 9:30-11:30am
– Every 4th Monday, 6-8pm

Limit 12 people

• Bring:
o a pillow for each person,
o a birth ball (if you have one)
o comfy clothes that you can move in,
o something to write with.
o your own beverage & snacks.
o a towel, blanket, or yoga mat


Writing Your Birth Plan (click this title to see where to sign up!)

• What kind of labor and delivery are you planning?
• If you could have birth your way, what would that look like?
• Will you circumcise? Vaccinate? Delay cord clamping? Bank Cord Blood? Have a medicated or unmedicated birth? Use a code word? Episiotomy? These questions and many more will be discussed.
• Our doulas will get you thinking as you communicate with your partner and us about what your ideal birth looks like, how to plan for it, and your decisions for the baby after their birth.

*** Please bring something to write with, and your own beverage & snacks.

Every 2nd Monday, 6-8pm
Every 3rd Monday, 9:30-11:30am
Limit 12 people

CombatBootMama Visual Birth Plan

*** Instructor Bio:
Kate LeClair, and Jerrika Joubert
As Doulas and Educators within this Positive Birth Community Collective, we value ourselves as women, partners, and mothers.
We are passionate women with visions and goals of providing a place where birth is normal. Believing that birth is a right of passage and that each woman deserves the opportunity to enter into motherhood in power and dignity, we empower each woman to participate actively on her journey through pregnancy and childbirth. We will support you through this process with education, encouragement, and support.
We hope to encourage and inspire you to explore creative ways to nurture both your families and your own contributions to the world through your gifts.
As mothers and women, we believe that we all have something to give, and a woman should not have to choose between motherhood and fulfilling herself outside of the home.
Congratulations! We are blessed to be on this journey with you. Welcome to our Positive Birth Community.



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