Upcoming Classes: “Comfort Measures in Pregnancy & Labor”, “Writing Your Birth Plan” @BabyEarth

Comfort Measures in Pregnancy & Labor (click this title to see where to sign up!)

• Watch & practice 12 positions to help you get more comfortable during pregnancy and labor, and allow baby to descend into the pelvis more readily.
• Come learn some of our doula’s best skills to help a mother during pregnancy and in labor.
• Our wish is to empower the mothers, and their partners with techniques that can enrich the birth experience, and make it more productive.

This class is held twice a month;
– Every 1st Monday, 9:30-11:30am
– Every 4th Monday, 6-8pm

Limit 12 people

• Bring:
o a pillow for each person,
o a birth ball (if you have one)
o comfy clothes that you can move in,
o something to write with.
o your own beverage & snacks.
o a towel, blanket, or yoga mat


Writing Your Birth Plan (click this title to see where to sign up!)

• What kind of labor and delivery are you planning?
• If you could have birth your way, what would that look like?
• Will you circumcise? Vaccinate? Delay cord clamping? Bank Cord Blood? Have a medicated or unmedicated birth? Use a code word? Episiotomy? These questions and many more will be discussed.
• Our doulas will get you thinking as you communicate with your partner and us about what your ideal birth looks like, how to plan for it, and your decisions for the baby after their birth.

*** Please bring something to write with, and your own beverage & snacks.

Every 2nd Monday, 6-8pm
Every 3rd Monday, 9:30-11:30am
Limit 12 people

CombatBootMama Visual Birth Plan

*** Instructor Bio:
Kate LeClair, and Jerrika Joubert
As Doulas and Educators within this Positive Birth Community Collective, we value ourselves as women, partners, and mothers.
We are passionate women with visions and goals of providing a place where birth is normal. Believing that birth is a right of passage and that each woman deserves the opportunity to enter into motherhood in power and dignity, we empower each woman to participate actively on her journey through pregnancy and childbirth. We will support you through this process with education, encouragement, and support.
We hope to encourage and inspire you to explore creative ways to nurture both your families and your own contributions to the world through your gifts.
As mothers and women, we believe that we all have something to give, and a woman should not have to choose between motherhood and fulfilling herself outside of the home.
Congratulations! We are blessed to be on this journey with you. Welcome to our Positive Birth Community.



Is a Doula Really ALL That? Do I Really Need One? Is a Doula Worth the ‘Moola’?

First, (listed below the picture) are some statistical reasons (for those of you like me who like to see proof in the ‘pudding’) to hire a doula for the birth that you desire; and afterwards, the link to a loooooooong article with all the juicy ‘for-real’ stats.

Secondly, we have actual comments from some of our most recent clients this year about what they think about having a doula. Don’t take our word for it, read their words.

These comments are NOT exclusive to us at Positive Birth Community.  Women all around the world benefit from having doulas. Doulas are everywhere!

The ones that I am privileged to work with, others I have trained with, and others I have met…we all kinda’ rock. Every single time I meet a new birth professional, I learn something from them because we all have different positives (kinda like all the flavors of ice cream), and can complement each other well; therefore, I soak up all I can to be a better doula (bring on the doula sundae!).

We are ‘women servants’ for you –before, during labor & birth, and postpartum. Now, who wouldn’t like THAT!? 🙂  Our job is to make your birth as positive as possible–by empowering, educating, and supporting YOU.

As a doula, not only is it my job, but I WANT to be there. It’s my passion. I have my bags packed, I am showered and ready, I have arrangements for my children, food in my freezer for my family, gas in my car, directions to your birthplace, and I place my phone beside me closely at night to wait for that call or text saying, “It’s time!” or “Oh, crap, what’s this?”, or many combinations of sounds and responses (some I cannot post here).

We, doulas, love our jobs.

I love my job.

What a joy and a blessing everyday to have my career and my passion collide and enable me to share in such a sacred place, the birth of a new life. (Yes, that was my sappy, heartfelt sentence. *Enter oxytocin/seratonin rush.)

So, I will leave you with the benefits of hiring a doula, and then some of our latest comments from our amazing clients.

I’m off to continue building my doula sundae. There’s always room to learn more. 🙂

~Kate LeClair

The Benefits of hiring a Doula:

  • You are more likely to have a vaginal birth

  • Labors tend to be shorter with fewer complications

  • Birth Partners feel confident about their role

  • Increases positive feelings about your childbirth

  • Reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug)

  • Less likely to need forceps, vacuum extraction & cesarean sections

  • Reduces the mom’s request for all types of pain medication

  • Increases confidence and sense of security

  • Greater success with breastfeeding

  • Decreased likelihood of developing postpartum depression

For more very specific statistics, see The Evidence For Doulas.


What our clients say about us… (We LOVE our clients!)

“I never knew having a doula would be so FUN! I was surprised at the amount of laughing we did, all the while “gettin’ it done”. Between the laughs, the pressure-point massages, and even the hard parts (transition & labor during my unmedicated birth), I was so glad to have my friend and doula by my side. My husband was impressed, too, and that says a lot! This was my 2nd unmedicated birth, and unlike my 1st one, I never felt like I couldn’t do it – it was never an option in my mind. I attribute that to my support system, and my frame of mind which had been cultivated for the many months preceding the actual “big day”.”

– Christi, 2014

“Our doula was absolutely essential to the success of our birth.  Seriously, I don’t know if I’d been able to deliver vaginally without her.”

-Katie, 2014

“I had never met Kate in person but she was on call with Jerrika since Jamie was out of town and I am so blessed to have had Kate and Jerrika come to my “dry run” as we are calling it when I went into “false” labor. It was a very hard and emotional day and they both brought so much love to the room and offered comfort that could have come from the most amazing, loving people ever. Kate was my super hero that day and Jerrika her amazing side kick, Batman and Robin all the way. 

When I went into labor 5 days later Jerrika was on it but I went so fast I hardly made it the hospital. Jerrika was there to offer me support right after birth and I am so thankful she was there to help me since we also had my kids with us and my husband had his hands full. She was by my side and every need I had was met before I even had to ask. Jerrika has a beautiful calm way about her, she just blends into room with you, it is a gentle calm of reassurance and help.

You never feel alone and you feel like the most important person and not just “another” pregnant person, when you have a doula.

-Morgan, 2014

So wonderful to have people check in and ask the important questions and be there with so much helpful information and support. You never feel alone, and you feel like the most important person and not just “another” pregnant person.


It (the class) was very professional, and fun as well. The information was well put together and I liked how the clients were involved. Any and all questions I have I can ask and not feel subconscious, I also love how educated Jerrika is, she helps me make decisions with her knowledge and personal experience.

-Czevn, 2014

(Thankful for…) A back up for my overwhelmed and exhausted husband! I don’t think I would have been able to have a vaginal delivery with out Kate’s help. My water broke unexpectedly early and we had to do what basically amounts to an induction. Almost 40 hours later I still hadn’t dilated, and if Kate hadn’t stepped in and used all her doula tricks, I think I’d have had a C-section. Instead we had a beautiful little girl who I was able to deliver vaginally. In a labour that was completely different from what I had wanted or expected, Kate let us do that which was the most important thing for me– a non surgical birth.

-Katie and Adam, 2014

They were really helpful with techniques to help the patient begin contracting regularly, and made the patient feel comfortable  with her decision to VBAC.

-L&D Nurse, 2014

(We LOVE our clients, & we love that we are able to help them!) Did I mention that I LOVE my job? 🙂

Positive Births to ALL around the world,

~Kate LeClair